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{... caught up in your gravity always end up lost in your wake...}

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Birthdate:Jul 31
Location:Ionia, Michigan, United States of America
( +a flair for the dramatic+ )
✕ My name is Bonnie. I was born July 31 and I write, draw, play video games, and play table top RPGS (specifically powered by the apocalypse games) in my massive amounts of spare time.
✕ This is my journal. It's not anything very special, it's mostly just a mix of things that I enjoy. I post fanfiction and different graphics; I also occasionally post art work that I have done. I take requests for graphics. (And fic, but that generally takes longer.)

Interests (122):

311, action figures, agalloch, alan scott, avengers, barbara gordon, baseball, black sabbath, blind guardian, booster gold, bruce wayne, captain america, captain america/iron man, captain boomerang, captain cold, carlton lassiter, cartoons, catman, checkmate, color bars, coloring books, comedies, comic books, connor hawke, cooking, cosmic boy, criminal minds, damage, dancing, david rossi, dc comics, dead soul tribe, deadshot, derek morgan, dr. fate, dr. midnite, dungeons & dragons, elseworlds, emily prentiss, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, final fantasy, football, gay porn, graphic design, graphic novels, grifter, hal jordan, hank pym, hawkeye, heavy metal, hockey, huntress, iced earth, iommi, iron man, janet van dyne, jason gideon, jennifer jareau, john watson, justice society of america, katatonia, kyle rayner, legion of superheroes, lightning lad, lunar, m*a*s*h, major league baseball, marvel adventures, marvel comics, megadeth, midnighter, music videos, mycroft holmes, national football league, novels, obsidian, okami, old movies, opeth, pantera, penelope garcia, photoshop, power metal, prog rock, psych, psychonauts, reading, riverside, roleplay, romantic comedies, rush, sasha bordeaux, science fiction, sex, shassie, shawn spencer, sherlock holmes, sherlock holmes/john watson, shopping, singing, slash fanfiction, spartan, speedy, spencer reid, star ocean, superheroes, superman, symphonic metal, ted kord, the authority, thor, thrash metal, tim drake, tool, transmetropolitan, video games, votum, war machine, wildc.a.t.s, writing
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